It's fact - litter breeds litter. You see a littered space and it gives the message 'no-one cares, it's ok to leave your empty packets, wrappers, cans, vodka bottles here'.....


On Windmill Hill and the riverfront in town, the old open top bins were snack heaven for rats, birds and foxes. They had more options for dinner out than there are restaurants in town.


The wind also got in, scattering stuff everywhere. You'll have seen bits floating in the river - a danger to our swans, ducks and geese who often think 'food' and ingest things they shouldn't. 


North Herts District Council have been brilliant, replacing old bins on Windmill Hill and at St Marys. We've had a new bin put in St Mary's car park (loads of stuff was getting dumped in the old grit bin). We're always looking at what else needs to be done. 


Love Hitchin - use the new bins!


Clean Up Hitchin has a day job! Unsurprisingly, working for Clean Up Britain.

We're lucky enough to be working on the National Litter Strategy with DEFRA and have recently submitted this paper which reflects some of the challenges one Local Authority faces when it comes to keeping our parks and streets litter free.


It's been written to be read without putting you to sleep - have a look and see if you agree with the main points. Any comments very gratefully received. Do contact us.

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